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AFMC is an acronym and its complete form is Army Forces Medical College or known as the leading medical college of the county of India. It is considered one of the best research and training centers in the field of medicine in the whole country. In addition, candidates are selected by the Medical College of the Armed Forces of Pune. The College offers interested candidates various UG, PG and PG degree courses in 12 different specializations in various medical fields. The university recently received NAAC Form accreditation with an A grade. The college is full of dormitories with separate hostels for boys and girls. The stay in the hostels is mandatory for all cadets for the duration of the course. Boys Hostel is located in a building built in 1965 and consists of 6 blocks, each with three floors. There are a total of 277 rooms of approx. 8 square meters (86 square feet) of area (single-seater) and 162 rooms of approximately 18.5 m2 (199 square feet) of area (double place).

All rooms are fully furnished. The girls` hostel was built in 1984 and can accommodate 130 cadets in 70 single rooms and 30 double rooms. The new Boys Hostel has four blocks, each with four floors, and 18 spacious rooms with balconies. The officers` floors for officers attending their postgraduate courses have been integrated into the boys` dormitory. Subsidized congestion is provided to all medical cadets. The Cadet Central Mess was opened in 2009 so that all cadets could have dinner together. The Musimatic Club is dedicated to promoting music in the AFMC student community and strives to promote appreciation of this traditional form of music among young people in general. The institution primarily offers training for undergraduate and graduate medical students, dental doctoral students, nursing cadets and paramedics.

Patient care is an integral part of the training program and affiliated hospitals benefit from AFMC`s expertise. The institution is responsible for providing the entire pool of specialists and super-specialists for the armed forces. The College is also involved in research in various medical topics, as well as aspects that would affect the morale and performance of the armed forces in times of war and peace. The selection process includes the logic and reasoning test, the English language test, the psychological assessment test (PAT). In addition, a complete test of a medical examination and an interview. Finally, the final selection is made based on the candidate`s performance in the NEET-UG score and their performance in the selection process. 2, The complete form of the AFMC is Advanced Flight Management Computer. It is used on technology, aircraft and aircraft in worldwide 3, the complete form of the AFMC is Air Force Materiel Command.

It is used on the government, the military in the United States 1, The complete form of the AFMC is Armed Forces Medical College. It is used on Academic & Science, universities and institutions in India A total of 150 students are admitted to the MBBS Bachelor course, 115 boys and 30 girls and five foreigners. [5] Admission is based on the National Eligibility and Admission Test (formerly through the AIPMT exam), followed by an interview. [Citation needed] Ten places are reserved for ST/SC candidates. [6] Students are not allowed to marry or marry during the course and are required to serve in military medical service for seven years after successful completion of the MBBS.[5] [Citation needed] There are facilities for sports such as tennis, squash, basketball and a swimming pool. Canteen facilities for defence personnel will also be extended to medical cadets. It has two auditoriums called Dhanvantri and Bharadwaj, where high-level medical conferences are held. The AFMC also functions as a hospital for civilians and cooperates with the Command Hospital (SC).

Nursing courses are taught by the College of Nursing under AFMC Lt Gen D P Vats, PVSM, SM, VSM, Director & Commandant, with the certificate of reaccredit obtained from NAAC. One of the first plastic surgery departments in India was established at the college in the early 1950s. Candidates can start their application by registering on the DGHS website in the candidate registration window. The AFMC organizes paramedical courses according to the instructions received from the Office of the DGAFMS, dg-1D and IHQ, MOD, branch of the GA, DGMS Army, DGMS – 3D for the provision of technical commercial training for military doctors. Candidates are selected and described in detail by the CMA Centre and the College. The BSc IN PMT & PGDMLT paramedical courses at AFMC PUNE are intended for “CANDIDATES IN SERVICE ONLY”. Advanced Flight Management Computer (AFMC) is a hardware and software avionics system that automates a variety of in-flight tasks. Armed Forces Medical College is a leading medical institute in India, recognized as a center of excellence for education and research. The college offers training for medical and nursing students with secure career prospects in the defense services. {www.afmc.nic.in/Departments/Hospitals/alc.html} Coordinates: 18°30′25.64″N 73°53′31.09″E / 18.5071222°N 73.8919694°E / 18.5071222; 73.8919694 The motto of the Medical College of the Armed Forces is Sarve Santu Niramaya, which means in English that everyone should be in good health. .